The team

We are a diverse bunch hailing from a range of marketing and communications backgrounds united by a shared vision that shapes the way we work.

A world where people have access to the best technologies, medicines and care.

This drives us to want to make a difference to our client’s brands and the impact those brands can have on society.

Team Aurora

Team Aurora

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  1. Neil Crump

    Neil Crump

    Managing Director and Owner

    Renowned for his passion about the importance of healthcare communications in making advances in health and medicine a reality, the former microbiologist has nearly 20 years of agency and in-house experience, creating strategies for brands in the UK and across the globe.

  2. Claire Eldridge

    Claire Eldridge

    Managing Director and Owner

    A clear communicator who gets straight to the heart of any message or story, Claire has nearly 20 years of communications experience with UK and global clients. As a PR graduate, she believes that reputation management with all stakeholders is of paramount importance.

  3. Aaron Pond

    Aaron Pond


    An Oxford graduate and problem solver at heart, Aaron can always uncover the emotional and behavioural factors that define how stakeholders respond to a brand and service. He was Aurora’s first employee and currently undertakes a part-time MSc in health policy to enrich his strategic thinking.

  4. Siân Hurst

    Siân Hurst


    An award-winning creator of compelling stories for journalists, Sian has more than 16 years’ experience in healthcare communications and is responsible for the delivery of communications programmes for pharmaceutical companies and patient advocacy groups globally.

  5. Rachel Terry

    Rachel Terry


    An expert at understanding a medicine and its position in the market place, Rachel has over 20 years’ experience supporting clients across a broad range of therapeutic categories. From professional education to consumer disease awareness, Rachel gets the results our clients deserve.

  6. Sarah Nixon

    Sarah Nixon


    A people person that gets the best out of her teams, Sarah has over 13 years’ experience working in healthcare PR in the UK and USA. With a flair for pharmaceutical communications, she has a strong track record of developing and delivering effective national and international communications campaigns.

  7. Carolin Prasmo

    Carolin Prasmo

    Associate Director

    With a passion for corporate and franchise communications, Carolin is a highly motivated AD, with over seven years’ experience in healthcare communications. She has been instrumental in the delivery of UK and global client programmes and always brings fresh ideas to the table.

  8. Claire Mosley

    Claire Mosley

    Associate Director

    Combining her love of science with a desire to make difference to people through healthcare communications, Claire is a passionate Senior Account Director with over eight years’ experience in communications. She has delivered programmes at a global, pan-EU and UK level, and thrives on scientific meeting and event management.