Disease awareness campaigns

Many health conditions, even the most prevalent, are sadly not managed optimally. Disease awareness campaigns engage a range of stakeholders to change the way people think about, and act in relation to, specific health conditions. This change may relate to improving experiences of services or enhancing self-care. Often, these changes rely on a specific health condition being prioritised by a range of stakeholders.

We map clinical pathways, patient journeys and stakeholder mindsets to identify arguments and approaches that encourage prioritisation of certain diseases. Our team uses a multichannel approach for creating engagement with the topic.

We understand that it is important to offer a clear definition of a disease challenge, as well as potential solutions, during this engagement. Aurora uses a discovery and co-creation approach to find ways to improve the management of health conditions based on insight. The solutions we produce may range from educational materials for healthcare professionals to self-care apps for patients.

Need a disease prioritised? Get in touch and we will work out how.