Internal engagement

It’s vital that teams are adaptable in a complex, ever-changing world and are motivated to try new approaches. For teams to truly flourish, the systems they work within also need to be able to evolve in response to strategic needs. Creating internal change at scale and pace presents unique challenges to people leading a business.

Creating meaningful change within teams requires an understanding of the cultural aspects impacting mindsets and a strong narrative for change. This narrative needs to be effectively communicated, but more importantly, internalised by opinion leaders within and across teams. We design internal engagement programmes that use a range of communication and management concepts to help shift mindsets and change behaviours.

We bring together cross-functional teams and work with them to surface beliefs, desires, concerns and work together to create a positive vision of the future and a roadmap for getting there. We provide project management support when changes are required to internal processes, and assist with content production to inspire internal engagement. We also offer communication training sessions to support leaders in communicating their vision of change.

Storytelling helps teams make sense of the world, but stories only create change when they are written with the audience’s beliefs and values in mind. Can we help you tell a new tale and enhance your business performance? Give us a call to find out more.