Medical education

Healthcare professionals are busy caring for patients in a healthcare system under extreme pressure. Despite being overloaded, healthcare professionals are required to understand how new, innovative medicines and technologies can improve patient outcomes. The response of pharmaceutical industry has been to want ‘behaviour change’ from healthcare professionals.

We at Aurora do not believe, in the context of prescribing behaviour, that this a correct or sustainable approach to improving patient outcomes. If there is an innovation with clear patient benefits, companies do have a responsibility to help healthcare professionals understand this innovation.

The medical education initiatives we deliver ultimately focus on helping patients get access to innovative medicines. Our teams spend time understanding the complexities and difficulties healthcare professionals face on a daily basis and gain a deep understanding of what information they actually require. We can then provide information and education, which allows healthcare professionals to make the best decision about a particular innovation and how it may affect their clinical practice.

Whether it is a medical symposium, debate series, publication writing or utilising e-learning, our team’s medical and scientific knowledge ensures that Aurora’s medical education programmes meets the needs of healthcare professionals and helps patients gain access to innovative medicines.

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