Patient involvement

We know that involving patients in the creation of programmes or activities is critical to ensuring they resonate. We also know it can be challenging to create the circumstances for genuine patient involvement to occur.

Aurora has a proven track record of helping clients to involve people living with health conditions in a compliant way at every stage of a programme or activity’s creation. Involvement can range from co-designing research and services to co-creating resources that activate or empower patients.

Involving patients takes careful planning to ensure all parties are comfortable with the process and confident to participate fully. Aurora has great experience in this area and tools and techniques to deliver meaningful patient involvement.

At its heart, our work with patients involves recognising them as people with a unique perspective on care, providing an environment in which they know their voice is valued and asking the right questions to surface the most telling insight.

Patient involvement is the process with which ‘patient-centric’ programmes or activities are created. We have seen it make a real difference – get in touch to find out more.