Wordless Wednesday: leap!

Here’s a cheerful snapshot of some of the Aurora team leaping in excitement at the prospect of today being 29 February – leap day.

In a rare occurrence which only happens once every four years, leap day’s are a result of what the BBC describes as the “messiness” of our Solar System. To make up for the fact that it takes the Earth approximately 365 days and six hours to orbit our sun (and not a clean cut 365 days), every four years an extra day is added to our calendar to make up for the exta hours.

Traditionally, people are urged do something extraordinary with the additional day. We know that the Aurora office sure will be, will you?


| Rebecca

Along with some of the rest of the team, I’ll be going to Fleishman-Hillard Healthcare Quiz this evening at Tiger Tiger in Piccadilly Circus. Here’s hoping we win!

| Emily Taiano

It was great fun and only 6 points behind the winners! Though it was touch and go to begin with after the first three rounds…and we won’t mention the raffle.

Congratulations does need to be given to our Rebecca Crouch for her exceedingly talented Play-Doh Aurora Boar sculpture – the competition thought we had bought someone in from Pixar!

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