Archive: 2018

  1. Five things to know about adherence

    “Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them”  ( C. Everett Koop) A few weeks ago I went to the launch of the CARE programme (Centre for Adherence Research…

  2. Wellness at work
  3. View from a patient: Collaboration matters

    Merging work and illness I’ve worked in health all my life, starting life nurse training in the NHS, then in public health before moving into communications. I enjoyed educating people…

  4. Unbound 2018

    When it comes to innovation, context is king

    Innovation should inspire teams, evolve systems and help us take giant leaps forward in the way we live our lives. Innovation is supposed to be useful, seamlessly integrate into our…

  5. Wellness in the workplace
  6. Fixing Old Problems With New Ideas

    I’ve just returned from Wired Health 2018 – an exploration of disruption through technology discovery in healthcare, this year taking place in the heart of the Knowledge Quarter in London,…

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