A remote beginning

Anna Dyson is our first remote new joiner. She joined us as an Account Executive in early December. We were all thrilled last week when it was announced that she has successfully flown through her probation period. There was never any doubt!

To follow next week will be Anna’s blog piece about the whole experience of being our first new remote team member.

I caught up with Anna to look back over the last three months.

What was it like to start at Aurora remotely?
Following the conversations with members of the Aurora team during my interview and the lead up to joining, I wasn’t nervous at all. It was a great experience and I really appreciate how much thought the operations team had put into onboarding me. Within the first two weeks, I had met the whole team and have ever since felt part of the Aurora team.

Do you feel like you have got to know us?
Yes, through meeting everyone in my first two weeks, and the number of fab socials and company meetings I definitely think I have got to know everyone, even those who aren’t on my accounts.

What are you most looking forward to over the next few months?
FINALLY meeting people rather than over Zoom! But also, I am also excited to get stuck in with the upcoming projects on my accounts and hopefully getting involved with non-account workstreams.

What have been your highlights from the last 3 months?
I was able to go into the office (when it was allowed) and met a few members of the team and had a business dinner which was great! Also, the Christmas online social was so much fun, I can’t wait until the summer social (which will hopefully be in person!). I have also enjoyed the increased responsibility I have been given on my accounts and the different projects and I can’t wait to progress my career further at Aurora.

We are currently looking for new Account Executives and Account Managers, please get in touch here if you would like to work with us.

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