Here is to making a difference

Last night saw Aurora celebrate 10 years in business with a party. It is amazing that a full decade has passed since Claire and I launched Aurora at the PMEA awards in December 2005.  It took the two of us six months to plan for the agency. We worked out how we were going to be different which we based around our philosophy: Happy team and happy clients deliver great work.

We are really proud of the work we do to help patients get access to innovative treatments. What we do matters, the Aurora team always wants to and does make a difference.  Over 10 years we have broadened our offering from public relations to today where we offer our clients high level brand and franchise strategy to help them solve some big problems.

2016 will see us launch a number of exciting new and refreshed services including medical education and patient involvement (watch this space for more announcements). We are also collaborating with people, through our Access All Areas programme, on accelerating the uptake of medicines through best practice sharing in clinical commissioning.

We are so thankful to so many people who inspire us, support us and worked with us to help make a difference.

Aurora has been and is a collection of great people – it is wonderful to see the team flourish and catching-up with alumni at the party last night was super.  Thank you for being so lovely to work with – coming to work each day is a pleasure.

We have to call out the founding members of the team – the first, second and third Aurorians – Aaron Pond, Sarah Nixon and Carolin Prasmo.  We are both immensely proud of you and honoured that you continue make such as difference, helping us grow and evolve the agency.

We also have to say a big thank you to the wonderful Katherine Diaz, our Finance Director, who back in 2005 helped us set out our business plan huddled in the Grosvenor Hotel at Victoria Station.  She then established our financial system and who came back full time in 2014 to keep a watchful eye and help us make solid financial decisions.

Claire and I met at an agency called CPR Worldwide. We would both like to thank two amazing people who believed that we could make a difference, our bosses there: Janet Rafferty and Dr Steve Carroll. I would also like to say thank you to the awesome Cherry Wood who was my boss at Athena – she demonstrated great belief in me to help her grow her agency for which I am eternally thankful.

Thanks is also due to some extended Aurora family members, people like Trish and Mark Savage, John Dickins, Jason Greenberg, Tanya Novakovic, Sally Jackson and Jim McLaughlin, Meera Abbott and the wonderful Spencer Rothwell (the only bank manager in London that wanted to take us on back in 2005). We are so grateful for your support as our friends, printers, bankers, lawyers, designers, coaches and mentors.

Thanks to our wonderful clients – we love the work we do for you to get your innovations to patients. Thank you to some of the early adopters of Aurora who hired us when we were small and unproven – especially Bily Kuo, Simon Lem and Marc-Alexander Mahl.

So who knows what the next 10 years will bring, but one thing of which we are certain is that Aurora will continue to make a difference.

Love, Neil and Claire x

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