Mmmm… Pancake Day! As a self-proclaimed foodie agency, all at Aurora are in their element today!

Today is the day the UK gears up to eat a considerable amount of pancakes. How many I hear you ask? Well, it is estimated that 117 million pancakes are made on pancake day every year, equating to approximately 50 million eggs, enough milk to fill 93 Olympic sized swimming pools and almost 13 million kilos of flour. But where and why has this tradition come about?

Shrove Tuesday, whose name derives from the word ‘shrive’ meaning to obtain absolution from one’s sins, marks the start of the 40 day fasting period Lent. Although belonging to the Christian tradition, Pancake Day is believed to have begun as a Pagan holiday when eating warm, round pancakes, which symbolise the sun, helped to welcome the spring. Paganism isn’t a topic I am too familiar with, but I certainly thank them for this!

Of course, the UK isn’t the only country around the world to celebrate Pancake Day, and our GHPR partners around the world will also be celebrating their own traditions. Our French partners for example, call the day Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday), and whilst flipping the pancake you must hold a coin in your hand and make a wish. In Canada, our partners will be adding symbolic objects to the batter to interpret the future. For example, a ring in your pancake could symbolise marriage.

Now enough of the history, let’s bring this back to today. Here at Aurora, we have been stuffing our faces with pancakes filled with lemon, sugar, chocolate spread, fruit, cheese and ham – to name a few! As a self-proclaimed foodie agency that likes nothing more than pizza lunches and team meals out, Pancake Day has become a strong tradition at Aurora. That being said, some of us have taken it upon ourselves to give up some of these comforts for Lent. These include meat and the infamous biscuit tin… We’ll let you know how that goes over the coming weeks…!

Pancake Day


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