One year on

Today marks the anniversary of the first UK lockdown. The UK’s leading end-of-life charity, Marie Curie, is marking the day with a National Day of Reflection to consider the country’s collective loss, support those who’ve been bereaved, and provide hope for a brighter future.

A year ago today, Claire posted her blog ‘Communicating in the time of coronavirus’ which mentioned the ‘C’ word for the very first time. We were all familiarising ourselves with our new working circumstances and vocabulary…phrases such as ‘social distancing’ and the dreaded ‘new normal’. The sentiments within that post remain relevant and, rereading it, it struck me again about what a pivotal role the amazingly talented scientists, clinical researchers and the pharmaceutical industry have played, through their collaboration and quest for treatments and vaccines, that we can start to think about getting back into our usual routines. Here we are, a year on from the beginning of lockdown, and a number of our team have received their first COVID vaccine dose. We are still working at home but are now planning for our return to the office when we are safely able to do so.

There are a number of ways to mark today’s National Day of Reflection, be that personal thought, a moment of silence at noon or shining a light at home at 8pm. Here’s to brighter days.

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