Author: PR Mum

  1. International Womens Day 2019
  2. Embracing choice helps cut through a crowded market

    Rare diseases are increasingly in the sights of clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry. As scientists uncover the molecular and genetic causes of disease, a rush of new, targeted treatments follows….

  3. Three ways to spot a working mum

    1.    Attendance. While rummaging through the big rotter’s school bag the other day, I came across a certificate from her head teacher for 100% attendance for the previous term. Naturally…

  4. Ready, steady, go…

    With just one day to go to the Olympics and 34 days to go to the Paralympics, London is gearing up for the additional 800,000 people that will be visiting…

  5. Saying it like it is

    I love the way kids just say what they think. Example 1:The rotter’s were round at their grandma’s house at the weekend. Having spent the day planting bulbs in the…

  6. 25 April 2012

    As the rain pours down and the Environment Agency issues eight new flood warnings in South West England, a region currently in drought, I face the challenge of getting the…

  7. Note to self: must do better at parenting

    Note to self: must do better at parenting in 2012. In the last few weeks, there have been a series of unfortunate incidents that reflect badly on my parenting skills….

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