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  1. A team apart but united

    When we entered the first COVID-19 lockdown last March, who would have thought we would still be working from home a year later? But here we are. The difference now…

  2. Science makes vaccines possible. We make their use real

    Immunisation saves lives. It protects you, your family, and your community. Immunisation helps protect future generations by eradicating diseases. Recent history shows that thanks to major vaccination programmes we have…

  3. One year on

    Today marks the anniversary of the first UK lockdown. The UK’s leading end-of-life charity, Marie Curie, is marking the day with a National Day of Reflection to consider the country’s…

  4. A remote beginning

    Anna Dyson is our first remote new joiner. She joined us as an Account Executive in early December. We were all thrilled last week when it was announced that she…

  5. 2021 has started well – the COVID-19 vaccine programme is rolling out at a pace…the road map out of lockdown is coming…Spring is on its way and we are growing….

  6. A black swan surrounded by white swans wearing masks, representing rare disease and COVID 19

    The impact of COVID-19 on rare diseases

    I don’t need to start this blog by explaining what COVID-19 is. From the global stock market to your local hairdresser (and consequently, your hair), every aspect of society has…

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