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  1. Am I creative enough?

    Am I creative enough?

    I’ve just spent the past year being inspired by a tiny human. My eyes have been opened to new ways of problem-solving whilst watching my son creatively explore his new…

  2. Wellness at work
  3. View from a patient: Collaboration matters

    Merging work and illness I’ve worked in health all my life, starting life nurse training in the NHS, then in public health before moving into communications. I enjoyed educating people…

  4. Wellness in the workplace
  5. Sell, don’t sell – what Aurora decided

    A few months ago, my business partner of 12 years, Claire, and I announced, to our team and clients, and then the outside world, that this agency wasn’t for sale….

  6. We are all about our happy people

    At Aurora we genuinely want to make a difference to our clients’ brands and believe that a ‘happy team + happy clients = great work’. We work hard to ensure…