Category: Scientific engagement and medical education

  1. Long Term Ambition in the NHS Long Term Plan

    In January 2019, NHS England published the NHS Long Term Plan, promising to right the past wrongs of structural change, and place more emphasis on joined up, preventive care. With…

  2. Fan the flames: the vital importance of sharing

    I’ve been obsessed with the concept of sharing proven good practice and experience in the NHS for more than four years. This was originally sparked at a Healthcare Communications Association…

  3. Collaboration is key
  4. Orphan diseases: leading the way

    ‘Orphan diseases are leading the way’: The title of the final slide of the presentation I will be giving at the World Orphan Drug Congress Europe (WODC) in Brussels tomorrow….

  5. Medical education – the Aurora way

    Medical education is changing. The days of focusing on using data to convince healthcare professionals (HCPs) to prescribe a drug are long gone. We instead face a world of partnership…