Category: Patient involvement and engagement

  1. Atlas: Know your patient’s world

    Policy, technology and clinical practice are on an unstoppable path towards patient-led healthcare and the personalisation of medicine is a not-so-distant future. What resources do people need to be actively…

  2. ‘What can’t we afford to treat anymore?’

    “The pharma industry in this country… could be an engine to modernise, improve and grow the economy, and we’ll all benefit from that” – Sir David Nicholson On Monday evening,…

  3. Moving to a virtual world as a result of COVID-19
  4. A glimpse into the patient world during COVID-19

    Stories of anxiety, struggles with accessing medication and difficulties finding information relevant to specific diseases. These are just some of the things patients experienced during the early stages of the…

  5. Innovation strikes
  6. Navigating an accessible world with patients

    When one of our GLOBALHealthPR partners in Italy said ‘things will never be the same again’ earlier this month, they were right. And maybe that is a good thing… For…

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