Category: Patient involvement and engagement

  1. A black swan surrounded by white swans wearing masks, representing rare disease and COVID 19

    The impact of COVID-19 on rare diseases

    I don’t need to start this blog by explaining what COVID-19 is. From the global stock market to your local hairdresser (and consequently, your hair), every aspect of society has…

  2. Living with psoriasis: a patient perspective

    “My psoriasis flares up about once a month, which leaves me looking like I have third-degree burns on my face, legs, and stomach. Most of my friends don’t understand it,…

  3. Charity support
  4. Atlas: Know your patient’s world

    Policy, technology and clinical practice are on an unstoppable path towards patient-led healthcare and the personalisation of medicine is a not-so-distant future. What resources do people need to be actively…

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