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  2. collaboration, not manipulation

    Collaboration, not manipulation

    I left this year’s Patient Summit Europe feeling excited: there has been a critical shift amongst industry from words into all-important action. Rather than pharma talking about how patient-centric they…

  3. Does representation in healthcare matter?
  4. Rare disease day 2019
  5. Long Term Ambition in the NHS Long Term Plan

    In January 2019, NHS England published the NHS Long Term Plan, promising to right the past wrongs of structural change, and place more emphasis on joined up, preventive care. With…

  6. Five things to know about adherence

    “Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them”  ( C. Everett Koop) A few weeks ago I went to the launch of the CARE programme (Centre for Adherence Research…

  7. View from a patient: Collaboration matters

    Merging work and illness I’ve worked in health all my life, starting life nurse training in the NHS, then in public health before moving into communications. I enjoyed educating people…