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Re_frame the future: Episode 4 with Dr. Olivia Kessel & Zoe Ryan

July 2023 Sarah Contiero


Re_Frame The Future: Episode Four: Catalysts of Change – Patient Activation

We're back with another exciting episode of re_frame the future, where we delve into patient activation – exploring real-life experiences, designing effective interventions and measuring outcomes. This time, we’re thrilled to have two exceptional guests: Dr. Olivia Kessel, CEO of Evolve Care, and Zoe Ryan, Founder of Itching to Tell You. They discuss how proactive health management benefits individuals, health systems, and society.

At Aurora, we co-design patient activation programmes that give people the knowledge, skills and confidence to proactively manage their health. From identifying needs to co-designing evidence-based interventions with stakeholders, we take you through the journey from start to finish and prove our impact.

You can watch the entire conversation below.

Let's shape a healthier world together!

If you’d like to find out more about our work in patient engagement or the other strategic practices we offer at Aurora, get in touch at hello@auroracomms.com

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