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SMA My Way

The challenge

Working with a group of SMA influencers, an information gap was identified where people with SMA found it difficult to find reliable lived experience information about how to live well with the condition.

The challenge was to activate a rare disease patient community to share lived experience.

What we did

We collaborated with the SMA community to share lived experience to empower others.

SMA My Way is a community-focused initiative that brings together the lived experiences and life hacks of people with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

We worked with five SMA influencers to co-create the programme through a series of virtual workshops, firstly identifying the information gap, and then brainstorming solutions and working with each of them to create content. The influencers were also heavily involved in the website design, including signing off on the branding and highlighting accessibility needs.

The solution/results

Within six months of launch the campaign secured:

  • 2.5m social media engagements
  • 385k link clicks
  • 130k website visits from 200+ territories
  • 202k video views to 75%
  • 71k comments, likes and shares on social posts