Am I creative enough?

Am I creative enough?

I’ve just spent the past year being inspired by a tiny human. My eyes have been opened to new ways of problem-solving whilst watching my son creatively explore his new world. I’ve never really thought of myself as a particularly “creative person” but becoming a mother has taught me many things, and one of them is that I am more creative than I realise. I now find myself coming up with games on the spot to help him learn through play and interestingly, I’m often finding my thought process challenged when I see him approach simple tasks in a different way to how a “more experienced” adult would.

Enthused, I spent my first day back from mat leave catching up on the Cannes Lions winners. Here are a few of my favourite creative winners from the Health / Wellbeing and Pharma categories…


One Word – The Learning Corp

The Learning Corp is home to one of the world’s largest brain rehabilitation databases. They took home a Gold Cannes Lion for their campaign One Word, which was made for their speech, language and cognitive rehabilitation app, Constant Therapy.

The emotive campaign animation follows the journey of how stroke or brain injury survivors with aphasia spend weeks, months and even years working to get out just one word and explains how Constant Therapy tasks can help with this.

The app collects real-time, real-world evidence of tens of thousands of users with a range of brain injuries and neurological disorders. These data put The Learning Corp in a unique position to accelerate the speed of knowledge, innovation, and adoption across treatment categories and settings.

Viva La Vulva – Libresse/Bodyform

Libresse (known as Bodyform in the UK) picked up a Gold Cannes Lions for their bold campaign that celebrates the vulva. It aimed to tackle insecurities women often feel about a rather taboo subject, after research highlighted that embarrassment could lead to negative actions, such as elective plastic surgery or avoidance of smear tests that can lead to more serious health issues being overlooked.

The campaign featured a TV ad which showed different representations of vulvas singing along to an upbeat song, to positively reinforce the idea that there is no such thing as a perfect vulva. This creative was to be used to promote their new Pure Sensitive range of sanitary products.

Released in Scandinavia and the UK, the campaign immediately received praise around the world, from the US to India. With no spend on media support, the brand video garnered more than 5 million organic views in under two weeks.

StreetVet – Purina

Pet food brand Purina also took home a Gold Cannes Lion award for their wellbeing stunt for dogs – StreetVet – an innovative billboard that analyses dog urine and detects immediately their potential health problems.

In France, more than one million dogs did not have their yearly medical check-up in 2018 so Purina, in partnership with Yncrea and VetParis7, wanted to make it easier for dog owners to keep an eye on their pet’s health.

People simply have to walk their dogs to a special billboard where pheromones released will attract the dogs to urinate on the pole. The urine is then analysed, and, in less than 30 seconds, the result is screened on the billboard. If the tests come out with small imbalances, StreetVet suggests a diet that could prevent the disease progression. When a deeper medical check-up is required, pet owners can download the result and take it to the vet for further investigation.

The video has received more than 11,000 views on YouTube and demonstrates using technology as a creative solution. Véronique Herman, marketing manager specialist at Nestlé Purina Pet Care said: “Purina’s objective is to provide simple and efficient solutions to improve the wellness of our pets. We wanted to raise awareness on the importance of veterinary check-ups, but also to offer a solution that fits in the daily lives of pet owners – the daily walk on the street or in the park.”

At Aurora, we love seeing what campaigns are winning creative awards. We challenge ourselves to keep bringing creativity to our clients and recently took part in training where we were tested on really thinking about who we are targeting with our campaigns.

Our ambition at Aurora is to be the evidence-based agency, with the knowledge and creative flair to make a difference. So, whilst we believe that coming up with creative ideas are great, we don’t just develop a programme based on gut feel or n=1. As we deliver our programmes, we gather insights to measure the effectiveness of our actions to see that we are truly making a difference via our Acumen framework tool.

Are you facing a new challenge or about to enter your annual planning cycle and want to hear how Aurora can help with creative, evidence-based solutions to your brand challenges? Get in touch at – we’d love to help!

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