Bringing Purpose to Life

“Creativity is the ability to see what everyone else sees, but put together in a way no-one has seen before.” One of the lines to come out of #CANNESUNCOVERED, a session hosted by the PRCA looking at creativity in PR as we sat through some of the extraordinary work which has been lauded as the most creative inside and outside of health.

Creativity was the “multichannel” of 2015. A buzzword which every communications agency claims to be the greatest. From advertising to digital to “advertising digital” agencies and everything in between, yet in PR we so often get left behind. Or do we?

From Huggies “Counting the Days” which uses 3D printing to introduce a blind mother to her baby during a routine scan; to AstraZeneca’s “Take It From a Fish” raising awareness about heart health, creativity in health and wellness can make you laugh and it can make you cry in equal measure. It isn’t new, but why now is it being celebrated with such applaud, with Cannes the universal symbol of what is great and good about creative work?

Good ideas can come together in a moment of pure inspiration, but it requires an integrated approach to really push the boundaries of what is possible. Simply developing a hashtag and an emotional video isn’t enough. The reaction to what you are trying to achieve is just as important, and to do that you need to anticipate how the story might evolve and respond accordingly.

Understanding your customer is crucial in this process and can help create something with real purpose. It is this purpose, either emotional or commercial, that will resonate and that is why PR and healthcare rightfully deserves its place at Cannes.

Bringing purpose to life

On a daily basis we create programmes that are designed to change behaviour through a channel that matters most to your audience. With multichannel we are no longer guaranteed to be the centre of attention in a world where we are all fighting for space and share of voice. Adopting a channel-agnostic approach means we can be far more resourceful with our programming using earned, owned AND paid media to achieve more for our clients. And rightly so.

Take the #missingtype campaign during National Blood Week for the NHS. It demanded nationwide attention and will undoubtedly be one of the big winners at Communique this year as it was a great example of how PR can dovetail a full-scale paid media campaign and make it work harder. It’s a fantastic demonstration of what is great about PR and integrated communications.

PR should not be considered the encore to the creative. PR has evolved, and while media relations is still an important piece in the jigsaw, it is not the sum of all parts.

We can’t wait to see what the new “Cancer Tweets” is going to be at Cannes this year. Whatever it is, we’re certain PR will have a big part to play. Why? Because PR brings purpose to life.

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Written by Chris Bath, Account Director. Believer in all things digital health, food (too much choice, not enough time) and sport (the football team will remain nameless). Oh, and a self-confessed mobile-addict.

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