What are clients looking to get out of Cannes Lions – the Festival of Creativity?

Putting the idea first. Not a novel concept but one that should make us stop and think. Do we do this enough?

This year’s #CSminicannes round up of everything Cannes Lions hit the London stage at Twitter’s head office. An inspiring selection of talks from key creative leaders gave the low down on what everyone was buzzing about at this year’s festival of creativity. When asked what are clients looking to get out of Cannes, the response given was enough to make you stop and think – they want ideas not campaigns.

But is this something that is too easily forgotten when we work within the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry?

We spend our time talking to healthcare professionals, patients or our fellow business counterparts – but on some level, we’re reminded that each and every one of us is a consumer. What we find interesting, that grabs our attention and makes us want to click and share with our friends isn’t that different. So why do we think differently to the Apples, Googles and Adidas’ of our time…

Let’s talk about pharma – Do you want to see campaigns, or do you want to see ideas for your business?

For the second time in the four years of the pharma global creative awards, the jury declined to give out a top prize. Those that stood out were either deemed too focused on public health to be considered for the category or weren’t quite hitting the mark with what jury members felt was possible for the industry. Fair enough. So what does ‘good enough’ look like?

Well, it’s got to start with an idea. One that addresses a real problem (and not just a communications one). We also need to ask the right questions. What’s been done before? How can we do things differently to be more effective? How can we solve a genuine problem, in a new way with potential to have real impact? And while we’re at it, let’s avoid the gravitational pull of a shiny object that’s got everyone talking without considering how it helps us solve the problem.

When you’re tackling these questions with an idea, most of the hard work is done and we can start to think about the campaign itself. How we bring it to life for our end audience and achieve results – the bit we tend to be really good at.

At Aurora, we pride ourselves on thinking strategically. Taking the time to develop an idea before jumping ahead to the campaign. It’s how we’ve chosen to do things for the last 11 years and while the fads come and go – our ideas are what make a difference.

So if you’re feeling creative and want to talk ideas, give us a call +44 (0) 20 7148 4170 or drop us an email.

We’re always open to having a conversation and seeing where it takes us.


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