A new way of thinking about patient activation

We’re delighted to launch All for Activation, Aurora’s new behavioural science approach for patient activation. Our new approach aims to create more equitable and sustainable management of chronic illnesses.

Chronic illnesses are a leading cause of mortality and morbidity, and account for a large majority of healthcare costs. As populations continue to age, the incidence of chronic illnesses will grow. To improve patient outcomes and reduce the economic burden associated with chronic illnesses, a greater focus on prevention, early intervention and proactive self-management is needed, including patient activation strategies.

We believe that the pharmaceutical industry, with its resources and networks, can be a catalyst to drive broader adoption of patient activation in Europe. Key to success is working in partnership with the patient and clinical community to co-create impactful activation programmes that go beyond patient engagement – and Aurora is here to uncover the opportunities and co-design best practice capable of shaping policy, transforming dynamics, and fostering behavioural changes.

Our team includes experts in patient advocacy, behavioural science and communications. We have been listening to patients and working with existing clients and experts to shape our approach, as well as understanding intervention techniques and best practice tools such as the Patient Activation Measure which brings rigour to decision making and measurement.

What is patient activation and why is it important?

Patient activation is focused on an individual’s willingness and ability to take independent actions to manage their health and care.1 It equips people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to improve health literacy, participate in shared decision making and effectively self-manage their conditions.

At Aurora, we believe that for patient activation to thrive, it requires not only a shift in mindset and behaviour from patients, but for everyone involved in the health of an individual to champion and support patient activation. That’s why we are starting to drive the use of the term “health activation” as responsibility to adjust behaviour should not sit solely with patients. We believe that while emphasising a patients’ willingness and ability to take action is critical, the support of healthcare professionals is also vital to achieve long-term success.

To make health activation a sustainable part of chronic illness management strategies, we need to consider the capability, opportunity and motivation of everyone involved, including policy makers, patient advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, as well as patients and caregivers.

Why should stakeholders take the time to invest valuable time, energy and resources in health activation?

Because health activation means individuals have greater ability to pursue the treatment that’s right for them, leading to better health outcomes and better economic outcomes for the healthcare system.2,3

Guided by our PARTNER principles and behavioural science models, our new approach goes further to change behaviours. Our team possesses the expertise and experience to help companies collaborate with the patient community to deliver impactful, measurable activation programmes.

If you are working in a chronic illness therapeutic area and looking to go beyond disease awareness to create meaningful change in partnership with the patient community, please get in touch to discuss our new All for Activation patient activation approach: