Back Together Again at a Real-World Congress

by Seb Stokes . June 2022

Learnings from Aurora at ERA, Paris

We recently had the pleasure of attending the ERA 2022 Congress on behalf of our client, the Eur Association, to run the media and KOL engagement, press briefng, and ensure the running of an press offce.

ERA this year was a hybrid Congress, meaning we were working hard to ensure the Congress content were accessible in tailored formats for both virtual and real-world journalist and KOL attendees

Two members from our team attended onsite in Paris whilst wider team members supported from Auro business has begun to get back to in-person events and start to resemble normality once again. virtual attendees. The experience was a truly inspiring one as this marked one of the frst re

So, congresses are back! But what can we learn from our experiences being back on site:

Back together, accelerating science
The message of ‘togetherness’ is a strong one and it’s coming through loud and clear fr academic communities, and the media. Unsurprisingly, everyone was happy to be back on-site, netw information, and engaging in thought-provoking scientifc discussions in a far more human way. bringing communities back together again in the common interest of furthering and accelerating s Having gone through a global pandemic together, the principles of collaboration, co-creation, an stronger and more relevant than ever.

Immersive tech is commonplace
On many Pharma exhibition booths was a show-stopping piece of technology, designed to enhance un treatment and disease area with deeper, immersive learning. The most prolifc vehicles that we Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Hybrid must be here to stay
the importance of accessibility to information, highlighted at ERA, means the ‘behind a close yester-year is offcially dead. Some of the oral poster sessions and key presentations were be researchers own labs and homes to a mix of real-world audiences and virtual attendees. Some sess blend of speakers on stage joined by a panel of real-world and virtual speakers and presenters.

Doing our bit for the planet
Through rooting principles such as being a paperless Congress at the heart of the event and ensu through carbon offsetting, we can make sure we are all doing our bit to maximise real-world netw with the sustainability and environmentally-friendly benefts of virtual work. But we’ve got one nagging question remaining, will medical congresses soon include Metaverse kooky but it’s already happening elsewhere!

Avatars at the ready!