Don’t be a fool on April Fools’

In 1957, the BBC reported on harvesting spaghetti from a ‘spaghetti tree’ and the harvest formed the story of a three-minute broadcast on BBC’s current affairs programme Panorama narrated by Richard Dimbleby. CNN referred to the broadcast as “the biggest hoax that any reputable news establishment ever pulled”. A number of viewers contacted the BBC afterwards for advice on growing their own spaghetti tree. Since then the media has been playing pranks on us and it’s hard to trust what we read on April Fools’ day. It seems to be the only time of the year when we scrutinise everything we see in the news. Our eagle-eyed media scanners have been trying to spot these hoaxes today. Some of these stories might look like pranks but are actually true! Do you know which ones?

The Metro: Whoopi Goldberg is setting up her own marijuana company to combat period pains

The Metro reported that Hollywood legend Whoopi Goldberg is setting up her own marijuana company to combat period pains. She was quoted as saying “I want to go nice and slow with this. I don’t want this to be a joke to people. It’s not a joke to women.”

Is this a joke or not?

The Times: Medicines to be home-made

The Times reported on page four that scientists have developed a fridge-sized ‘compact drug synthesiser’ allowing hospitals and GPs to manufacture their own medicines.

This is not a drill it’s a compact drug synthesiser! Joke or not?

The Mirror: BMW invents revolutionary baby shoes that will stop your toddler from falling over 

BMW went all out and placed an advert in a national newspaper and also got coverage in The Mirror. You’ll never watch a toddler fall over again. Watch the amazing invention here. This must be a joke… right?


Baby Vroom Vroom

We also found some other stories online that made us laugh.

Introducing Google’s new delivery technology and Google Cardboard Plastic

Did Google try to fool us with a new service and an actual reality tool today (let’s not mention the ‘mic drop’ backlash)? The new service, Google Express, offers fast delivery of things you need from stores you love! Watch the seriously hilarious C.H.U.T.E.R.S. advert here.

Even funnier is the Google Cardboard Plastic where you can experience actual reality with Google Cardboard Plastic. Watch the advert in reality here.

Actual Reality

Actual reality (results may vary depending on eyesight)

The ‘Dalmatian’ kitten mystery

Battersea Dogs and Cats home found three spotted kittens this morning. They’re PURR-FECT! Can we have one paw-lease! Read the article here.

April Fools

These cats are pawsome!


We do love a good pun! This definitely made us giggle. Look at the tweet by Santander here.

Jenson Buttons

Jenson Buttons

Royal National Institute for the Blind launches guide cats for the blind scheme

We love stories about cats and the Royal National Institute for the Blind launched a new scheme today, whereby cats will be trained to guide blind people through their daily lives!  Read about the new amazing CATNAV scheme here.


A CATNAV for every mewment

Arsenal to introduce amplified chanting next season

I’m not an expert on football by any means, but one of our team members shared an article that is so close to the truth it could be true! Reported in the Arsenal Blog, the club is planning on playing back singing and chanting it has recorded over time in future games. Read the blog post here.


And it is Arsenal!

Do share any articles you have seen with us today and remember, don’t be the fool on April Fools’ day.

Written by Benjamyn Tan, Senior Account Director. Pop music, cat puns, and social media lover. 

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