A gathering of ‘The Greats’

2016 is a very special year for the GLOBALHealthPR network as it marks our 15th anniversary. We celebrated this significant milestone at our Annual General Meeting, held in Mumbai at the end of February.

A gathering of top healthcare communicators across the globe is, needless to say, nothing less than inspiring, refreshing and motivating. It was also truly exciting to explore the delicious cuisine and colourful culture of India, and I must say, we were definitely very well taken care of by Dinesh, Priti and the MediaMedic team, our partner agency in India. But what’s most important was the time spent with our GLOBALHealthPR partners and friends, most of whom are founders and leaders of top healthcare agencies in their countries, discussing the common challenges and successes experienced in the past year as independent agencies, industry trends that shape the way we work and how we can, both individually and as partners, continue to set the standards for healthcare communications globally.


Another highlight from the AGM this year was the involvement of GLOBALHealthPR partners at DigiSights 2016, an annual conference organised by MediaMedic on digital pharma marketing. GLOBALHealthPR partners together with experts and pharmaceutical clients from India formed a tremendous speaker panel addressing issues in the ever-evolving digital space, discussing how we can, in the healthcare sector, utilise this space and showcasing some successful digital projects from around the world. I was honoured to be part of the speaker panel representing Aurora alongside our MD, Neil Crump, sharing some of our knowledge and the great work we’ve done here at Aurora, including a patient-centric digital project in multiple sclerosis and our approach to multichannel marketing.


With all that’s been said, the greatest moment for me at the AGM this year was the unexpected guest appearance of Nihal, a teenage boy who was diagnosed with Progeria (an extremely rare genetic condition that causes a child’s body to age fast) and his dad. Even though the time we had with Nihal was limited but it was definitely precious and has truly touched my heart. He is bright, talented and full of life despite his condition, and is one of the few children in India identified with the condition through a successful and award-winning initiative called “Finding60inIndia” driven by MediaMedic.


I would say that all in all, it was a hectic and tiring three days but all worthwhile especially when we know GLOBALHealthPR is not all about business but it’s also about celebrating the long standing friendships we’ve established throughout the years.

If you would like to learn more about the case studies presented at DigiSight or GLOBALHealthPR, contact us at rterry@globalhealthpr.com or visit http://www.globalhealthpr.com.

Nihal, GLOBALHealthPR’s beloved friend, passed away peacefully on 2 May 2016 but his inspiring talks, positive attitude and legacy will always be with us and a great motivator towards the bigger cause – Progeria.  

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