GLOBALHealthPR pledges support for World Hepatitis Day

At GLOBALHealthPR, we are proud to announce our official support for World Hepatitis Day, July 28, 2016, joining a plethora of organisations fighting to ELIMINATE chronic Hepatitis C.

World Hepatitis Day unites people from all walks of life to raise awareness of the substantial global burden of viral hepatitis and to provoke real change in disease prevention, testing and treatment options.

The theme for this year’s World Hepatitis Day is ELIMINATION. Watch the campaign video here.

What is Hepatitis C?

Chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a major global health issue affecting approximately 170 million people worldwide. If left untreated, HCV can progress to cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), liver cancer and liver failure.

HCV is a silent disease – an alarming 95% of people living with viral hepatitis are unaware they have the disease.

In May 2016, World Health Organization (WHO) member States that attended the World Health Assembly, Geneva, Switzerland, committed to ELIMINATING viral hepatitis by 2030.

The WHO Global Health Sector Strategy (2016-2021) on viral hepatitis aims to reduce the annual death rate from chronic hepatitis from 1.4 million to less than 0.5 million by 2030.

The five strategic directions of the WHO Global Health Sector Strategy on viral hepatitis, 2016–2021


WHO viral hepatitis strategy 2016-2021

The five strategic directions of the WHO Global Health Sector Strategy on viral hepatitis, 2016 – 2021


World Hepatitis Day (July 28, 2016) provides an important reminder for families and communities to talk about viral hepatitis and ensure we turn the tide on Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

According to Raquel Peck, CEO of the World Hepatitis Alliance, London, UK, “We are at a turning point for viral hepatitis. We have the tools; we have the commitment; what we need now is action.

“We are asking all stakeholders to join us in celebrating the launch of NOhep on World Hepatitis Day, to help eliminate viral hepatitis – an illness that affects 400 million people worldwide.”


Nohep is a global World Hepatitis Alliance movement that aims to unite the hepatitis community and broader public to take action and call upon governments to ensure global commitments are met by 2030.

How can you support World Hepatitis Day?

Great strides have already been made, but so much more can be done to ensure 2016 is the beginning of the end of viral hepatitis. 

To pledge your support to ELIMINATE viral hepatitis:

  1. Sign up to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030 at
  2. Share photos from your events to show the world how you are contributing to the ELIMINATION of viral hepatitis. Upload your photos to or tweet your pictures using #World HepDay.
  3. Sign up to the Nohep Thunderclap before 12:00 PM BST at to share the following message on your elected social media channels.

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| Neil Crump

Great efforts led by our lovely GHPR friends VIVA! in Australia – is is amazing that this disease could be eliminated.

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