Aurora extends exclusive collaboration with Patient Intelligence Panel (PIP Health)

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve extended our exclusive collaboration with the Patient Intelligence Panel (PIPHealth).

This partnership means we continue to work closely with patients across many different diseases and co-create campaigns that make a difference.

The exclusive Aurora-PIPHealth collaboration allows us to seek patient insights before projects start, create campaigns that matter, and gain quantified outcomes to evidence that we can improve lives and prove it.

Commenting on the partnership, Claire Eldridge, CEO and Co-Founder of Aurora says, “At Aurora, we help our clients put people with health conditions at the centre of their work from beginning to end. We do so because their expertise and perspectives play an important role in enabling patient access to innovative medicines and care. We are delighted to continue working exclusively with PIPHealth.”

Nadine van Dongen, Founder of PIPHealth adds, “PIPHealth gives patients a voice through research and our mission is to make healthcare organisations more ‘patient intelligent’©. The Aurora-PIPHealth collaboration means we can provide clients with a perfect mix of expertise in research and communications, to deliver solutions that help patients.”

Both of our organisations share the aim to improve the quality of life for patients, either through increased understanding or improved access to innovation. Aurora is an award-winning strategic communications agency with expertise across the healthcare spectrum. PIP Health is a 12-year-old unique social enterprise and has collaborations with numerous patient advocacy groups and a strong affiliation with King’s College London.

If you’d like our help in talking to patients, please get in touch with and

To find out more about Aurora, click here:  @aurorahealthpr

To find out more about PIPHealth, click here: @piphealth #systematicpatientengagement

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