“Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble.” (Frank Tyger)

This month, Aurora announces a unique collaboration with PIPHealth – a patient research company that give patients a voice in healthcare. The alliance gives Aurora exclusive access to consult PIPHealth’s patients. Below, the owner and founder shares her journey towards a more patient intelligent world.

15 years ago I was a young Dutch marketeer working at a pharmaceutical company, rebelling against the management team about the necessity of giving patients a voice in our strategic decision making. But nobody listened…

13 years ago I had a car crash and I broke my neck. I had to learn to walk again and was forced into the role of a patient. Suffering horrendous nerve pains, I wanted to be heard. But nobody in my healthcare team listened…

Ten years ago I moved to London and started my company, Patient Intelligence Panel to begin a movement to bring patients together in a European patient panel and share their voices on their experiences of living with a condition and their unmet needs. Patients started to listen, but pharmaceutical companies were saying that they’ll start listening to patients soon, they just didn’t have time now…

Five years ago I published the numerous patient research projects we conducted at PIPHealth and was invited to speak at conferences and webinars to emphasise the importance of patient engagement. People started to listen…

Two years ago I started my PhD research programme at King’s College London to validate a communication tool for healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies to be able to offer the right interventions to the right people at the right time. It led to the development of my patient segmentation tool. Through my PhD research programme I am learning to listen even more keenly to patients.

A few months ago, I was looking for a strategic healthcare communications agency that could amplify our member’s voices. To make them loud and clear and to make sure healthcare organisations listened. In the last few years, I have worked with numerous agencies by running their campaigns with our patient members. Aurora was the one who invited our patient panels to their offices to co-create campaigns and healthcare services. Aurora believe strongly that patient involvement can make a difference at every stage of a medicine’s development and that the impact of campaigns should be measured on outcomes that matter to patients as well as commercial outcomes. On top of that, the Aurora team has a great attitude to patient engagement, always striving to treat patients as partners in their work. They even have a full ‘Patient Involvement & Engagement’ team.

A few weeks ago WE started collaborating. Patients are sharing their voice across all the work that we do as separate companies with one goal – to improve the lives of patients. And the exciting thing is that we will be measuring the impact of the work we’re doing, as outcomes matter.

About the exclusive collaboration between Aurora and PIPHealth

This ground-breaking new collaboration with PIPHealth makes Aurora the first and only strategic communication agency with its own patient panel to consult. This allows Aurora to validate campaign strategy, creating campaigns that matter to our clients and patients, and provide the company with quantified outcomes to evidence that our campaigns to truly make a difference.

Working with PIPHealth as an integral part of Aurora’s client work, will provide a comprehensive patient engagement service that includes: segmentation, patient recruitment, identification of person-centred outcomes, quantitative and qualitative patient research and co-creation. Through PIPHealth, Aurora and its clients will be able to understand the perspective and seek advice of thousands of patients in the UK & Europe to understand the impact of health conditions on their lives.

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