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Understanding healthcare policy and working in partnership with patients, governments, parliaments, and regulators to improve patient outcomes

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The nexus of public policy, government institutions, patients and industry has never been more vital to ensuring that healthcare is allocated according to the greatest societal need, that governments support life science companies and that patients are at the heart of decision-making.

At Aurora we help clients understand this interwoven environment with deep insights and develop strategies with impact that deliver for patients, healthcare authorities and industry alike.


Political advocacy and corporate engagement with governments

We help clients to get to the right people that matter to understand and influence policy, campaign with purpose and successfully engage with public institutions.

Patient advocacy strategy

We bring clarity to patient engagement and advocacy, helping to bring the patient voice into the heart of companies, driving improved drug development and better outcomes for patients.

Policy analysis, market access pathways and reimbursement strategy

Whether it is understanding the HTA process, forging new reimbursement pathways with public institutions or making sure value propositions are aligned to policy priorities, we have the expertise for clients to develop commercial launch strategies with confidence.

Crisis and communication management

For all the best intentions of business, sometimes things go wrong. We have deep experience of guiding clients through political and public issues to uphold reputations and mitigate damage.

Case studies.

We have many examples we can show you. Here’s just a start.

Orphan medicine reimbursement

Development and implementation of an orphan medicine reimbursement plan that ensured early access to treat high-unmet need with endorsement from the highest levels of government.

Inhouse global patient advocacy strategy

Defining a vision of patient centricity for a leading biopharma company, developing a global playbook to guide markets on the practical implementation of patient advocacy and measuring impact.

Campaign coalition on organ donation

Coalesced a partnership of patient groups, medical professional bodies and industry supporters to successfully work with NHS England to change the law around the presumed consent of organs.

Select Committee Inquiry

Established a pivotal training support programme to ensure that a client successfully navigated a high-profile Select Committee Inquiry, ultimately leading to the successful resolution of the issue and upholding the corporate reputation of the client.

Key decision-maker contact programme

Supported a C-suite executive leader to engage with decision-makers across government to influence government life science policy and ensure it was aligned to the vision of the company.

We’d be happy to share our in-depth case studies on our award winning work. Contact us and we’ll send over the most relevant ones for your situation.

Our approach.

No client, campaign or issue is ever the same. We develop bespoke strategies using deep insights into patient communities and policy environment to provide practical advice and the implementation of solutions, whether at a corporate organisational level or to accelerate access to innovation in geographies where there is unmet patient need.

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