25 April 2012

As the rain pours down and the Environment Agency issues eight new flood warnings in South West England, a region currently in drought, I face the challenge of getting the rotters to school without getting drenched. Having spent a good ten minutes wrapping them up and finding their Tinkerbell and Hello Kitty umbrellas so that they stay dry on the short walk to school, I grab a rain jacket for myself as we race out the door with three minutes to get to school. Without really looking I grabbed the Postie’s bright red work jacket with ‘Royal Mail’ emblazoned on the back, thinking this would be a very practical outfit to keep me dry. Just as I lock the front door, the bigger rotter turns and says, ‘Mum, there is no way you are taking me to school looking like that.’ She then offers me her Tinkerbell umbrella as a bribe to wear my normal coat, which I gladly accept.

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