Crossing the River Styx: The myth of multichannel

A word from Aurora, goddess of the dawn
I like to think of multichannel in terms of Greek mythology; it is the mythical beast that must be tamed or slayed, if the hero is to survive.
But which damn beast?
Proteus, the shape shifter that can adopt many forms, or, Hydra, the many headed serpent – cut one off, two grow back – and don’t forget the Sirens, they lure you into the sea with their hypnotic song, to a watery death.

Approaching multichannel I’ve seen many a hero petrified, as if under the gaze of Medusa, the gorgon.

My favourite comparison however is not a beast, but the Underworld itself – a mysterious place we enter after death – we must pay the ferryman, cross the river Styx and face Cerberus, the three headed giant hound. And what are the three heads on that gnarly beast?

  1. The first is called Strategyos – it is robust, and has the power of foresight and far-sight
  2. The second is Adoptionikos – it is a great sage and teacher, skilled in the ways of The Underworld, and knowledgeable of human desires and motives
  3. The third is Implementationillion – it was the architect of The Underworld, building it with its own paws, keeping a watchful red eye on its creation and the inhabitants, for all eternity

However, let’s get back to Planet Today – without excellent strategy, stakeholder adoption and precision implementation, pharma will struggle to engage the customer and deliver on business objectives, revenues and better health outcomes.

An excellent multichannel strategy will:

  • Engage customers with the right content, in the right place, at the right time
  • Optimise the conversation across different touchpoints, and in a flexible sequence
  • Measure all interactions for effectiveness, driving actionable insights for continuous improvement

So, in English, what are the many heads, sorry, I mean the components of multichannel excellence?
Each organisation has unique requirements based upon its own internal process and the behaviours of its external stakeholder network (HCPs, patients, partners, and so on).


At Aurora we organise our service offering around delivering excellence in multichannel. This includes thought leadership, co-creation workshops, organisational and behaviour change and, ultimately, implementation of integrated multichannel frameworks, touchpoints and campaigns. Like the mythical Greek beasts, multichannel can take on many forms – it must be modular and flexible, based upon your needs and preferences – and NEVER set in stone!

Business solutions
Contact us if you would like your teams to say:

”I understand multichannel and why it is important to my business. I have the knowledge, tools and support I need to implement multichannel. I feel confident that I can do this. I will make a start now and aim for continual improvement.”

So, cross the River Styx with us, and fear no beast.

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