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With just one day to go to the Olympics and 34 days to go to the Paralympics, London is gearing up for the additional 800,000 people that will be visiting each day, alongside 22,000 media and 17,800 athletes. With the population of London already peaking at around eight million, the city’s resources will be tested to the limit.
The pros and cons of hosting the Olympics have been hotly debated. The most obvious pressure points for Londoners and visitors are our transport network and the NHS. Olympic lanes are popping up all over London roads and the tube will no doubt feel the crush of the 22,000 media travelling daily between Russell Square and the Olympic venues.
A less obvious pressure is the impact of the Olympics on the NHS supply chain that we rely on to ensure everyday medicines reach our local pharmacies. Patients who receive home deliveries will be affected due to traffic hot spots and delays, and demand for particular products may spike due to the influx of 800,000 extra tourists over the summer. Pharmacists have been advised to increase stock levels of summer essentials such as painkillers, diarrhoea and vomiting treatments, antihistamines, bite-relief remedies, emergency contraception and condoms, foot care (cooling sprays, blister plasters, protective pads, etc.), alcohol-based hand gels and sun protection creams (wishful thinking!).
There will be three dedicated pharmacies in the Athletes Village and two retail pharmacies in the spectator areas of the Stratford Olympic Park. An additional pharmacy will also operate in the Olympic Press and Broadcast Centre, for the 22,000 media that will be covering the games. With so many reporters in town, the media will undoubtedly be saturated with sporting related stories and the health pages will be full of features on aches, sprains and hamstring injuries.
At Aurora, we have a plan in place to ensure minimum disruption to our team and business, with flexible working hours for those living in East London or on busy commuter routes and a streamlined approach to meetings with clients and suppliers, to help them avoid travelling into town unnecessarily.

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