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Every year, companies discover some of the world’s most innovative treatments for life-threatening conditions, saving and improving lives around the globe. They invest billions of dollars in the science and in the people who develop treatments for cancer, infectious and cardiovascular diseases, and more. Yet when their drugs make it through regulatory approvals, they face huge hurdles in global market access and reimbursement. A treatment’s value to the patient, to the community, to the healthcare system as a whole, is reduced to a discussion – usually an overwhelmingly contentious one – about the cost of the prescription.

But price is not really the issue here. It’s about recognition – by all decision makers – of the value that a new treatment brings to people. To achieve that recognition, you need to build and tell a compelling and credible value story.

Aurora is the UK partner of GLOBALHealthPR, the world’s largest network of independent specialist health and medical communications agencies. GLOBALHealthPR recently released its inaugural Reimbursography white paper, “Pharma Market Access Success: Shifting the Dialogue from Price to Value through Strategic Communications,” which demonstrates how communications created the right environment for value recognition.

There is an opportunity to redefine market access communications, building the story early in the drug development process and sustaining it throughout the clinical development of a medicine. Across the countries that GLOBALHealthPR represents, we have seen restrictions attached to reimbursement agreements and reluctance of companies to even launch a product in some markets. Reimbursography reflects our collective capabilities to both substantiate and communicate the value of an innovative treatment for funding, access, coverage and reimbursement in markets around the world.

The Reimbursography website offers an insight into pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement in key global areas through market-by-market guides. These guides are useful for understanding the differences in market access in these key locations.

Coupled with Aurora’s Access All Areas campaign, the guides are a great tool for translating the seven key dependencies for improving access for medicines across the four countries of the UK healthcare system.

Access All Areas dependencies

Recommendations from the Reimbursography white paper for achieving market success align with the seven key dependencies for improving medicine access in the healthcare system as a whole. For example, it is suggested that manufacturers start the collection of data to evidence value earlier in the process and involve HTA experts in the development process. This will allow them to gain a better understanding of how the value of their product is going to be judged and what evidence they need to demonstrate the value. This suggestion links to the dependencies of:

  • Collaboration and governance – manufacturers and payers/HTA experts working together at the development stage will mean products are more likely to succeed in reaching patients
  • Planning for alignment – involving these experts earlier in the process reflects the need for payers and commissioners to understand the value of new products beyond just the economic value. By getting their feedback the data collected will be more likely to match their needs and expectations.
  • Real world data – clinical and cost-effectiveness data is increasingly not enough to convince payers to release funding. Real word data is able to capture the value of medicines in context and over time. Not just clinical value, but service value too – including adherence and service delivery factors.

Over the next four days, we will be taking a look at four of the countries of the UK mapped by Reimbursography – England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – and how you can show value in each country. To find out more about Reimbursography or to discover the key insights from of other countries, visit the GLOBALHealthPR website here.

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