Saying it like it is

I love the way kids just say what they think. Example 1:The rotter’s were round at their grandma’s house at the weekend. Having spent the day planting bulbs in the garden with them and raiding grandmas wardrobe to find all her best handbags to play with, the little rotter snuggled up on grandma’s lap for a cuddle. While grandma looked down at her lovingly, the little rotter said ‘Grandma, why does your neck have so many wrinkles?’ Example 2: We were sitting on the sofa the other day watching the news and there was a story about a young girl waiting for an organ donation. I started explaining to the rotters how important it was to be a donor when the little rotter said to me, “but mummy you wouldn’t donate your nose would you, as the person might prefer a smaller one!” Anyway, I was therefore glad to see that the NHS and Facebook had joined forces in an attempt to increase the number of organs being donated. People will be able to register as an organ donor through the website and share their intentions with family and friends. I won’t be registering my nose or grandma’s wrinkly neck.


| Neil Crump

Your nose is beautiful PR Mum. N:+)

| balletfanatic

I saw this today and immediately added my own organ donor status.

You can also add other life events like giving up smoking, breaking your wrist or losing weight to share with the world or your friends…

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