Three ways to spot a working mum

1.    Attendance. While rummaging through the big rotter’s school bag the other day, I came across a certificate from her head teacher for 100% attendance for the previous term. Naturally I was proud and congratulated her on the award, which she informed me was given to only two kids in her year. I mentioned it to another mum in the office who cheekily pointed out that such awards could only be achieved by kids of working mums. How true this is. A working mum assesses any sign of illness with doubt and caution and will happily send them off to school with a good slug of Calpol to see them through the day, desperately hoping that the teacher won’t notice and they won’t get the dreaded call of shame from the school office to come and collect them.
2.    Snow. Nearly 5,000 schools were closed across the UK this week due to snow and icy conditions. According to the BBC, parents tend to fall into two categories when it comes to their approach to snow. Some get anxious when it snows and phone the school up because they want their children home straight away. Others get frustrated by school closures, and are concerned about childcare arrangements and disruption. No points for guessing which category the working mum falls into.
3.    Blackberry proficiency. The most obvious sign of a working mum is related to a child’s level of skill operating a Blackberry. It was when the little rotter suggested that she should take in one of my old phones for her class ‘show and tell’ session to show them how to change the wallpaper setting and check the weather forecast, that I knew it was time to reign in the Blackberry play phones

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