Aurora’s first virtual starter during the COVID-19 pandemic: My experience of joining remotely

Joining a new company is always a slightly daunting experience. But joining one in a remote world was filled with even more unknowns and was bound to be an interesting challenge.

Luckily for me, from my first interview, up until the completion of my probation at the beginning of this month, my remote joining experience has been nothing less than enjoyable.

Interview process

During my first Zoom conversation with Aurora’s Director of Operations Sarah Nixon and subsequent chats with three other members of the team, which overran the hour without us knowing, I had an inkling that the people and the culture at Aurora make it somewhere I would fit and would love to be a part of. It was amazing to be able to have an ‘as normal as possible’ conversation during these times with members of the team and I really appreciated that people had taken the time after work to speak with me. I was truly able to gain a sense of what the team was like and it was, of course, lovely to chat with new people in this temporary new socially distanced world.

My final call with MD Chris Bath cemented my thoughts on the people and culture at Aurora as well as inspiring and motivating me, not only in my decision to join, but also in how I could mold my career to where my interests and skills lie.

Onboarding process

Throughout the time leading up to my first day, Sarah was always available for any questions and she introduced me to Lisa Carroll, the Aurora Office Manager who managed my onboarding process. Lisa was as lovely and helpful as expected, and managed the delivery of my work-related items, that included goodies (picture above – the chocolate and the candle were amazing!!). I was also provided with a two-week plan that Lisa and Sarah had spent a great deal of time pulling together before my first day.

After all of this, I could not wait to join Aurora and there were no first day nerves that morning, only feelings of enthusiasm and excitement.

First two weeks

As part of my first two-week plan, I managed to meet every member of the team socially, despite the virtual setting we find ourselves in. I was taken aback that each person, despite their level and busyness, had taken time out to welcome me.

For each of the accounts I was joining, the team had gone out of their way and developed onboarding materials and agendas so that I was able to understand and begin working as fluidly as possible. Before I knew it, I was fully immersed in each account and was provided with opportunities far above my level on projects that I was truly interested in (one of the main things, other than the people and the culture, about Aurora that I love).

My virtual onboarding experience has been far more enjoyable than I ever expected. The two weeks flew by, along with the three months of my probation, and I can’t wait to meet the team in person once we are able to go back to the office!


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