Has digital become a headache?

Has digital become a headache?

If you type digital into LinkedIn, you find thousands of different job titles each with the word digital in them. It tells you that more and more companies are trying to justify their existence with digital. So, as digital becomes ubiquitous, are you feeling overwhelmed?

As soon as one trend passes, another fights it’s way to the top. Feeding this is a culture of innovation that is thriving, with new ways of working quickly becoming the new norm. For many pharmaceutical clients, the word digital can send shivers down their spine, as they associate it with big budgets and delays. At Aurora, we use the Google Ventures Sprint methodology to help us think differently and move at pace – an approach that’s helped us notch a PM Society Gold award for our work in VR. By using it, we developed, protoyped and tested our initial ideas in just five days. It works

When we talk about digital, we are talking about a channel. Nothing more. Thinking channel-first has blinded even the best of us and continues to do so. At Aurora, we think a little differently when we think about digital. For us, we ask ourselves the all important question – what do our stakeholders need and want online? This helps us work out what we should do.

Data is the beginning of the conversation, not the end

With digital and online, comes data and it’s this data that can help relieve the digital headache that many of us are familiar with. Importantly, it’s not just the data that is important, it’s how you interpret it.

Numbers don’t matter – insights do, and our data storytelling service helps you access the analytics that helps uncover how to build and iterate digital solutions that really work. With only two-thirds of people understanding how their health data is being used in the NHS, it’s an opportunity to bring stakeholders together.

At Aurora, we’ve seen first-hand how data can make a real difference to the way people engage with information online, most recently in people living with a chronic skin condition.

We were asked to review the analytics of a website where people were leaving almost as quickly as they got there and find out what was going wrong. The problem was two-fold – inconsistent branding with no call to action on the homepage. By using data insights, we were able to make small changes that made a big difference to the success of the website.

We love the world we work in and are always keen to chat through any problems big or small. Give me a call (0207 148 3629) to see how we can help you tell powerful data stories that make a real difference.

Data storytelling is one of three strands of our Deeper Insights service offerings, which also includes medical education and patient involvement.

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