Atlas: Know your patient’s world

Policy, technology and clinical practice are on an unstoppable path towards patient-led healthcare and the personalisation of medicine is a not-so-distant future. What resources do people need to be actively involved in their healthcare? How should these things be designed so that they are effective for diverse cohorts? What are the key outcomes we should be trying to improve? How do we ‘gear up’ for patient centricity?

If you’re exploring these questions in your role, then Atlas is for you. 15 years on from the birth of Aurora, Neil and Claire have proudly launched Atlas this Autumn. Atlas is a truly patient-focused consultancy. The team helps clients understand their patient’s world and identify business-relevant opportunities to improve outcomes. These opportunities may be: developing ways to assess patient-oriented outcomes; creating tools that support shared-decision making; co-designing new services that improve HRQoL; piloting new pathways that put patients at the centre of care. Whatever the opportunity, Atlas works with patients, clients and other stakeholders in a sustainable fashion to figure out how to improve outcomes.

In creating Atlas, Neil and Claire understood that the journey towards patient centricity is as important as the destination – patient-led care will only achieve its full promise if healthcare organisations are willing and able to work with patients in a sustained and mutually-beneficial fashion. Alongside a co-design offering, Atlas helps clients assess and enhance practices that effect their patient centricity endeavours.

Atlas is a sister business to Aurora and through partnership, the two businesses create effective healthcare solutions and spread those solutions to patients, practitioners and policy makers. It’s an exciting time and also a poignant one – Aurora’s first hire, Aaron Pond, returns to the fold to head up Atlas. Find out more at

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