Time to see the patient voice as a positive for change

I recently spoke at a PM Society webinar on ‘Responding to patient need: managing in a time of crisis.

I presented findings from our COVID-19 patient survey, which we ran with PIP Health in April, and was joined by Sue Allen who gave her personal take on what it has been like for her during the pandemic whilst managing a long-term condition.

We talked about how we could turn the negatives of the pandemic into positives and make changes for the better when it comes to service redesign.

Whilst there are definitely positives in the transition to virtual healthcare settings being welcomed by both patients and healthcare professionals, it is clear that we need to strike a balance and ensure that those patients who aren’t comfortable or able to use technology don’t fall through the cracks or become overburdened with the logistics involved, as recently detailed by Ceinwen Giles in the BMJ.

And then there is the shift to care at home. Great on the one hand that patients don’t have to unnecessarily attend hospital for treatment, but we need to think about the burden this places on friends/families/carers and ensure they are equally supported – with Patient Support Programmes for example – especially as the furlough scheme comes to an end and those who are caring for loved ones need to return to work.

As strong believers in the power of the patient voice, we think now is the time to ask patients what they need from healthcare services in our “new normal”. If we can reimagine healthcare services by consulting the people who use them and then measure this input, we stand a great chance at delivering truly person-centred support and making a lasting positive impact for patients, healthcare professionals and the system itself.

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