Experts call for greater patient involvement, collaboration and investment in UK healthcare

Experts call for greater patient involvement, collaboration and investment in UK healthcare

What can’t we afford to treat anymore? That’s the question we asked the experts during our latest webinar, run with ‘slow news’ organisation, Tortoise. If you didn’t make it, what did you miss? Here are five short clips to get you up to speed. 


“We’re running kind of on empty.” 

Reporter Chris Cook from Tortoise sets the scene for the discussion by revealing how much the UK invests in hospitals compared to other European nations, and the consequences on the care that we receive.

“You need patients…involved in decisions about their own healthcare [and] in the design of services.”

Sir David Nicholson, former Chief Executive of NHS England, explains that changes need to be about doing what’s right for the patient and not jumping straight to digital solutions. 

“What COVID has demonstrated to me is that it is within the gift of the Government to improve the health of the nation.” 

Dame Donna Kinnair, General Secretary and Chief Executive of the Royal College of Nursing, talks about how the issue is not deciding what not to treat. What’s important is working out how to prioritise, and how to prevent people needing healthcare interventions.

“Patients can tell you how a system actually works not how it’s supposed to work.“

Ceinwen Giles, Chair of the Patients and Public Voices forum for the NHS Cancer Programme, says that whatever innovations and changes are made risk failure if patients aren’t listened to.

“The pharmaceutical industry… could be an engine to really modernise, improve and grow the economy, and we’ll all benefit from that.”

Sir David Nicholson believes the evidence shows that increasing health expenditure is not a drain on public resources but makes economic sense.

We enable pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to involve patients – find out more here or call us on +44 (0) 7895 201 136 to find out more.

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